More About Me


Moving to or from the Seattle-Bellevue area? Providing Health Care Professionals and their families and friends a trusted advocate for over 16 years. Understanding the challenges associated with changing jobs and lifestyles and listening to your needs and concerns is paramount to me. While visiting my website, you can access the most current real estate data and search for homes throughout the area. Please call, text or email me when you are ready for an agent that truly cares that you are happy with the exemplary service you receive.


I graduated from Stanford University cum laude (BS). I also attended, and have degrees from, Washington State University (DVM)and the University of Washington (MD). With over thirty years in the Seattle area, I have an intimate knowledge of our neighborhoods and the local real estate market.


With Real Estate markets and laws changing rapidly, I am committed to continuing education and study. In addition to being a Certified Luxury Marketing Specialist, I have earned the Accredited Buyer's Representative distinction (ABR) and am a Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE). My goal is to ensure a smooth transaction with service exceeding your expectations.


Your needs and wants are my primary focus. Listening and attending to your concerns and requests is key to your happiness and my success. Of course the outcome is to get top dollar for the sale of your home and to help you find your dream home. My business is mostly referral and I rely on my repeat customers and their friends and families. I want you to be excited to refer me to your friends knowing that they will also receive exemplary service.